Order your pack AT LEAST 3-4 days before you arrive.

Reserve Now, Pay Later.

With Reserve Now, Pay Later. you can get your Vita Pack reserved before your arrival and pay it with your first Vita Student invoice in July. No extra invoices or payments - a smooth experience.


It's easy:

  1. Select your Pack + Extras
  2. Check out & Reserve your Order (no payment needed)
  3. Automatically Pay with your first Vita Student Invoice on the 1st of July


You need to reserve your pack before the 1st of July (01/07/2020) & no payment is needed at this stage. We will use your Vita Reference Number (VitaRef) and your name to connect your VitaPacks & Vita Student bookings.


If you cancel your stay with Vita Student you can also cancel your VitaPacks order without paying any extra fees 🙌

You can use the chat on our website if you have any questions or concerns!




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