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8 Tips for Parents on Freshers' Weekend

Your child is taking that all-important step in heading off to university! It’s an incredibly exciting time but for parents, striking a balance between supportive and overbearing can be quite tricky. We’ve put together some tips on how to make the whole process as smooth as possible! 1. Packing and Buying New Stuff Most likely your child hasn’t had to pack up to live on their own before, so there’s a lot of stuff that they probably take for granted. This is an area that you, as a parent, can probably provide a great deal of support. Everyone has their own opinion of what they’ll need to take to university, so have a look at some checklists and go through them...

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11 Essential Items to Take To University

You have a million things to think about over the next month while you prepare to go off to university. We’ve included a list of all the stuff you’ll need when you first move in.   Read the article or directly check out our amazing student boxes that cover everything you need! Our Student Box 1. Duvet and Pillows You may find that your university halls provide you with a duvet and some pillows, but take it from us, they’ve gone for the cheapest options they can get! Whilst you could probably get by with the duvet and pillow that they’ve included, you’ll be sleeping in this bed for the next year, so it’s worth the extra expense to get...

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10 Mistakes to try and avoid making this freshers' week

Whether you've been a fresher, are a fresher or one day will be, you'll inevitably relate to a few of these candid mistakes everyone makes during their first few weeks at uni... deciding that downing one last shot really is a good idea (it's not) or opting to throw your whites in with your colours (pink boxers anyone?), there are some gaffs that almost everyone trips up on. Especially during your early days at uni.   1. Revealing EVERYTHING about yourself during drinking games (in your first week) Otherwise known as playing 'Never Have I Ever' and accidentally spilling the goss about your sexual history, family life and whatever else embarrassing happened in your life. It is naturally unavoidable that this...

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